DJ/Emcee Info

DJ vs. iPod:

DJ’s play a critical part in every successful reception.  Timing and controlling the overall mood and atmosphere, is the main goal of the DJ.  Ipod’s are very static and quite hard to have flexability, especially as the program changes, which does happen.  The same holds true for hiring a professional emcee.  Timing and flow is easily controlled by us and most importantly, your family and friends can all enjoy your special day, without worrying about the music and program.

Always Meet Your DJ:

Many DJ companies will have multiple systems and DJ’s.  To avoid any unexpected surprises, make sure to have a meet & greet with your DJ for your event, not just the DJ company owner.  Every DJ is unique.  You should talk to your DJ and make sure he will fit in with your vision for the day.  We have 3 DJ’s available and we’ll book the one right for you.

 Emcee ~ Let Your Family & Friends Enjoy Your Wedding With You…

For the past few years, emcee has become our passion.  We totally love taking clients visions and making them a reality.  We try to take the focus off of us and have the guests, bridal party and the newlyweds take the focus.  We love to play interactive games and have activities that involve all peoples at the reception.  Our goal is to have you enjoy your reception without worry about what, when and where.  We will control the flow, timing and schedule of events, from start to finish.

Your Vision, Is Our Reality!!

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