About Us

Kevin ‘Kevo’ Okutani ~ Owner / Emcee / DJ

I started as a DJ in the late 80’s, spinning at the clubs and many of the high school, hotel parties back in the day.  I’ve focused my efforts on weddings more seriously within the past 10 yrs.  I get a kick out of meeting the challenges and producing very succesfull events.  My musical knowledge ranges from the 70’s to the present.  A little bit of country, rock and alternative are always in the mix if needed.

I’m a down-to-earth, make you laugh, kind of DJ.  I love to pull the energy and expressions from the crowd and will try to play the right song at the right time.  Every wedding should be different and finishing the puzzle of all the little pieces is what I always look forward to.

Emceeing has become my passion as of late.  I enjoy working with couples, taking their ideas and visions and making them a reality.  I truly believe, that a perfect reception is what the couple envision, whether it be traditional or completely of the cuff.  There are so many fun and creative ideas that i’ve used up to now.  I know that future couples will have more exciting & different ideas, that I can’t wait to implement and make their reception memorable.

Nate ‘Flip’ Corpuz ~ DJ / Turntablist

His family started in ‘Mobile Disco’ when he was only 4 years old.  The first record he ever touched was ‘Sending All My Love – Linear’ at the age of 5.  At 12 years old, he started helping the family with the business and at 14 years old, he starting DJ’ing at various parties.

At 16, he started learning about the night club industry and was mentored by many of the top radio DJ’s & personalities.  For the next few years, he began to hone his DJ’ing skills and entered his first DJ battle in 2002 and placed second.

As of late, he’s been working more and more weddings & coorporate events.  He’s been the music support for our emcees at our weddings.  His musical knowledge spans from the oldies to modern day hip-hop.  And then closing each function with awesome music and entertainment.

Pou Taliulu ~ DJ

He’s been a DJ for almost eleven years now, starting off doing small events and house parties, since the early 2000’s. Since then he’s had the pleasure of providing services for many different events of all sorts.  He works with all types of music, from the 70’s to now, as well as polynesian & local. He loves the 80’s, upbeat and unforgettable songs, that bring back great memories.
He’s a easy going DJ, with a great sense of humor. Always very excited when it comes to good music and making events fun. Loves being a DJ and looks forward to working with you and providing you with all your DJ needs.  Understands the timing & ambience that music brings to any event.  He’s a also a great support to our emcees.

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